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IMATS New York Battle of the Brushes: 2014 theme graphic

The competition is open to students of a recognized make-up school and to those who have graduated 12 months prior to the competition date. IMATS/Make-Up Artist magazine will only accept competition entries postmarked by Feb. 10, 2014. Eight competitors will be selected for each competition. Cash and/or prizes will be awarded to first-, second- and third-place winners for each competition. To qualify, you must fill out and send us the entry form, along with 8-10 photos of different looks you have done. Photos don't have to represent the make-up you plan to enter in the competition. All entries, photos and artwork become the non-returnable property of Key Publishing Group. Finalist results will be announced the week of March 10, 2014.

The beauty/fantasy competition takes place on Saturday, and the time limit is two hours. Our 2014 beauty/fantasy theme is Art Through the Ages. This includes different styles of fine art (Cubism, Impressionism, etc.) from any time and/or place. It also includes any genre of art, from painting and sculpture to photography, film, music and dance.

The character/prosthetic competition takes place on Sunday. Competitors will be given prosthetics on the day of competition, which they must incorporate into their designs. The time limit for the character competition is three hours. No outside prosthetics are allowed, only the ones supplied by IMATS. Our 2014 character/prosthetic theme is The World of Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Make-ups don’t have to represent specific characters, as long as they look as though they belong in a comic-book or graphic-novel setting.

(ABOVE: Make-up by, and courtesy of, Karla Powell; photo by Roger Charles)


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IMATS New York Battle of the Brushes: 2014 sponsor, Alcone


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IMATS Los Angeles Battle of the Brushes: prosthetics supplier RubberWear


Mail all submission materials to:


Heather Wisner, Student Competition Director
Make-Up Artist magazine
12808 NE 95th St.
Vancouver, WA 98682 USA
Phone: 360-882-3488, ext. 106


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