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MacKinnon Will Make You Jump, Jump

That is, jump up to get your IMATS Toronto tickets!

The great James MacKinnon with be doing a prosthetic demo on Sunday, Sept. 23 from 11 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. It’s sure to be transformative! He is teaming up with Hugo Villaseñor and Rocky Faulkner for this demo.

Education is the cornerstone of IMATS, and without the …

The Battle Rages On

Tick tock make-up warriors!

Toronto’s Battle of the Brushes submission deadline is looming. It’s not too late to throw your hat into the ring but it soon will be, come July 23.

A little late to the game and don’t know what Battle of the Brushes is? Think Face Off but, like, the older cooler sibling that …

Colin Penman in the House

IMATS is happy to be returning to Toronto this year! We are looking forward to so many aspects of this make-up artistry celebration, one of which is seeing our friend and very talented artist Colin Penman in action!

In his 29 years of experience, Colin has worked with so many top talents and on some of …

The Shape of Make-up

Mike Hill working on Amphibian Man for The Shape of Water

Mike Hill is an award-winning sculptor. His career began early; in fact, at age four he was sculpting mud on the riverbank. Last year, we saw him sculpt his way to the top seven movies being considered for an Oscar with his work on The Shape of Water. The creativity and innovation of the man-like …