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The Make-up Museum showcases famous works from film, television and advertising, created by make-up industry leaders. The museum also features rare photo collections, movie memorabilia and pieces from special make-up effects studios. Past contributors have included the Stan Winston Studio, IMATS Los Angeles Make-up Museum: Rich KnightMike Hill, W.M. Creations, Creative Character, KNB EFX Group, the Chiodo Brothers, Creature Effects and many others. The museum is your chance to see make-up history up close and will be located in Exhibit Hall Two of the show floor.

The 2014 museum is curated by Rich Knight (AT RIGHT). Knight, a 1993 graduate of the Institute of Studio Makeup, is a special make-up effects artist, prop maker and puppet maker. His credits include 100 Million BC, Beowulf, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Omen, Poseidon, Alias, House M.D., Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and more. He has taught at EI School of Professional Makeup, Cinema Makeup School and Media Arts Center San Diego, and lectured at the South Coast Repertory theater.

The following artists are among those scheduled to contribute items:

Marcel Banks (Face Off)
Howard Berger (KNB EFX Group)
Nicole Chilelli (Face Off)
Erick de la Vega
Jeff Farley (Obscure Artifacts)
Eric Fox (Face Off, MorbX FX)
Eric and Derek Garcia (Face Off)
Tony Gardner (Alterian, Inc.)
Tyler Green (Face Off)
Cleve Hall (aka Monster Man)
Ken Hall
Glenn Hetrick (Optic Nerve, Face Off judge)
Daran Holt
Gage Hubbard (Face Off)
Frank Ippolito (Face Off)
Lee Joyner (Joyner Studio)
Greg Lightner (Face Off)
Casey Love (Casey Love Designs)
Lymari Millot
Anthony Pepe (Face Off)
Lee Romaire
Jordu Schell
Ross Tallent (sculptor)
Daniele Tirinnanzi
Tim Turner




 BELOW: Images from previous IMATS Make-up Museum displays




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